Hi friends!

I’m Jayme, my partner in crime’s name is Jordan and I guess you could say we are adrenaline junkies of sorts. We are from the Greater Palm Springs area in Southern California, we have two adorable pups named Daenerys and Oakley and we LOVE to travel. We love hiking, biking, dirt biking, jet skiing, wake-boarding, snowboarding, camping and everything in between.

I’ve wanted to start this blog for a while now. Now, I’d love to tell you this is a blog about how the two of us quit our day jobs, left our old lives behind and started traveling the world all on 50 bucks, but sadly no. Truth is, we’re just two best friends who work a lot and have  career goals but still manage to find adventures all around us, as often as possible.

This is a blog for the ordinary people; for the people looking for insight on how to afford/experience new adventures more often. This is a blog to inspire others to dare greatly and find the beauty all around. Whether it’s a trip to Hawaii or simply checking out a new hike in your local area, adventure is everywhere, and I promise you, there really is so much beauty in every new adventure big or small, you just need the right perspective.

So hello, and welcome to Weekend Roadtrippers. Kick your shoes off, make yourself at home, explore through our adventures and stay as long as you would like!