Summer 2017

Six summers ago my family and I planned our hiking trip to Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park! My dads side of the family all rented a big house where we stayed for five days. I remember my brother and I drove up together on our own and I have such fun memories of us making funny snapchats together singing in the car and being our weird selfs.

There was a flowing river right in our backyard that we all jumped in after hiking one day. We’d let the river take us down stream, get out and walk back up and do it all over again.

So much fun. I can’t remember all the hikes and locations we did honestly, but I do remember seeing lots of beautiful sequoias, seeing General Sherman (the worlds tallest tree), exploring through a dark cave, and jumping into Tokopah Falls while my cousin snagged the greatest shot of it.

I also remember I got a new GoPro and let my brother use it on one of our hikes. He put it in his pocket and accidentally took over 10,000 Timelapse photos of his pocket.

Summer 2017 was another one to remember!