Back to Cali we go!

I’m feeling a mix of emotions about leaving back home tomorrow. After just a month and a half of living in Sanger, Texas, we are packing up and heading back to good ole Morongo Valley, California.

I’ve actually loved my time here in Sanger so much.

I’ve loved getting to know the family across the way from us. They have three kids and a dog named 5-9 that our pups loved to play with (We never asked where the name came from). The husband had a job similar to Jordan’s and the family recently left their home to live out of an RV for a while. Man, 3 kids and a dog all living in one RV, that would be tough! The wife worked from home and watched the youngest kid during the day, a 3 year old named Prager who was my absolute favorite. After a rainy day, I once watched him from my window belly flop into a giant puddle and then proceed to lay down in it and make snow angels, or rain angels I suppose.

The week I met him, I was playing fetch with my dogs with a ball launcher I had recently bought from Petco. He said, “I’m Pregar but my sister and brother are at school”.

I said, “Well it’s nice to meet you Pregar, I’m Jayme”.

A few days later he came outside with his own ball launcher and said, “LOOK WE GOT ONE TOO NOW! OURS IS RED!”

Last week I was letting the dogs out and he came up to me with an actual unicycle and said, “This isn’t mine. It’s my brothers but he doesn’t know how to ride it”. Good to know Pregar, good to know.

I’ve loved Pregar and the smiles he’s brought me throughout my days. I’ve loved meeting his mom, someone I could relate to in a situation similar to my own.

I’ve also loved being so close to the gym; just 1.5 miles away. I started running there in the mornings (occasionally stopping to say hi to the cows) and then I’d workout for a bit and run home. I met an older man probably in his upper 70’s. He worked out at the same time every single day. He knew everyone there and everyone knew him.

One of my first days there he said, “I haven’t seen you here before what’s your name sweetheart?”

I said, “Jayme, I just moved here. What’s your name?”

“Jim. You’re going to love it here. Welcome to Sanger!”

He would do this thing to me sometimes where he’d do a set and then walk a lap for cardio purposes and then stop mid walk and give me a fist bump, not saying a word and then carry on with the rest of his lap. Some might have found him creepy, but I think he was just a sweet old man who enjoyed the gym atmosphere because it was a chance in his day to socialize and connect. So I appreciated his kindness.

I also loved meeting some of Jordan’s coworkers, especially Myron from Missouri. A guy probably in his upper 40’s who really took Jordan under his wing and treated him like a son. They were the only two workers with their class A license so they got paired for driving trips and frequently stayed in hotels together. Him and his wife came over for dinner one night and I learned that Myron plays guitar and has an exceptional voice. I also learned he’s from the Ozarks and he says it’s nothing like the show. We drank a few beers and listened to him play country music; It was a really sweet night.

I’ve loved the green grass and the cows grazing, the peacefulness and the simplicity of this small town. I just always love exploring somewhere new to be honest.

BUT, although I’m feeling a bit sad leaving, I’m also SOOOO EXCITED to be moving back home where we’ll be near friends and family again.

I’m excited for summertime and for frequent river trips. We’ve actually decided to put our RV at a spot in Parker, AZ for the summer so we foresee many more weekend road-trips in our near future.

I’m excited to have a doggy door again so Oakley can stop barking at me while I’m in the middle of a zoom call. He does this new thing where he’ll just nonstop bark in my face until I let him out to go potty, which is sometimes right when it’s my turn to speak. LOVE IT. I suppose it’s better than the alternative though.

I’m excited for Jordan to start a new job and for him to return to the desert. He hasn’t been home since Christmas!

I’m excited to see what our future holds.

Goodbye Sanger, Texas.
We will see you soon Coachella Valley!

As always, travel on my friends. -Jayme