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Life Update: We Moved to Texas!

Crazy that it has already been three weeks since I arrived in the small town of Sanger, Texas.

Jordan has been living out of hotel rooms for the past six months working as an Apprentice Lineman all over Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. His work is based out of Stephenville, Texas but they get contracted for jobs all over. Meanwhile, I stayed back in Morongo Valley, California with our two pups, still working mostly from home for a marketing company based out of La Quinta in the Greater Palm Springs area.

Most of Jordan’s coworkers live out of trailers and move their setups to parks near their current worksites. When Jordan originally moved out to Texas in August, he drove out from California in a 2012 Ford Focus that was on its last limb. Around Christmas time, he traded in that Ford for a nice truck and about a month ago he was able to pull the trigger on a 5th wheel trailer to go with it. He recently got relocated to a job out in Denton, where they’ll be working for quite a while so he set up his trailer at the only RV park available; in a small town nearby called Sanger.

I got the go ahead to continue working for the same company, remote from Texas and three weeks ago I officially packed up my stuff and drove cross country with my mom and two pups in the back seat. We made the drive into a fun adventure, making quick stops at Saguaro National Park and White Sands National Park.

When we finally arrived in Sanger, I quickly unpacked my stuff and we enjoyed lunch at a brewery in Denton, took my mom to the airport and then a new chapter officially began. It’s definitely a temporary adventure and we do hope to move back to desert or at least closer to family once the opportunity presents itself. But for now, we’ve been enjoying our time here.

I’ve been obsessed with all the open land nearby with green, green grass and cows grazing. The dogs are loving all the extra space outside our place where they’ve been playing fetch on an endless loop.

We’ve enjoyed exploring a few neighboring big cities on weekends so far. The first weekend, we decided to Visit Arlington since the Los Angeles Angels were in town for a series against the Texas Rangers. We got tickets to a game and got to experience Texas Live and Globe Life Field.

The second weekend, we went to Visit Fort Worth for a bit. We went to the Stockyards and saw the cattle drive and had the most incredible lunch at Cooper’s BBQ.

We’ve also been able to Discover Denton a bit. We’ve stopped at a few local breweries and explored a few trails. I’ve also worked from a coffee shop, called Jupiter Coffee House in the historic Downtown Square that I absolutely loved and grabbed a new book from Recycled Books, a three story, used bookstore that resides in an old purple Opera House!

It’s been a fun adventure so far and we are looking forward to learning more about the small town of Sanger, Texas.

As always, travel on my friends.