22 Best Outdoor Products for 2022

From hiking and camping gear to doggie must-haves, here is a round up of our favorite products that we have used religiously during our travel adventures over the years.

  1. Hokos One Hiking Boots

These hiking boots have helped my feet tremendously. I have pretty bad feet problems and these boots provide so much support. AND, they don’t feel heavy to hike long miles in. There are tons of other colors and variations to choose from, just make sure you read the reviews to find a pair that best fits your feet!

2. Expandable Dog Bowls

We are obsessed with these water bowls. Anytime we hike with our dogs, we throw these little guys in our backpacks and we’re good to go.

3. Runners Compression Socks

Again, I have pretty bad feet problems and these socks really seem to help. I usually wear a pair of the shorter socks under loose crew cut socks for hiking but they do also have crew cut compression socks made for hiking that I really want to try out.

4. Hiking Poles

We don’t use hiking poles too often unless we’re on a very long, difficult trail. But, these are the poles we have and they have been fantastic for us. They shrink down to a pretty small size, easy for carrying or attaching to your bag when you don’t need them and they come with different attachments for different terrain. We’ve used the different attachments for hiking in snow, through rocky water, and for long strenuous hikes.

5. National Park Pass

This was the best spur of the moment purchase we have made. A few years ago we went to visit Arches National Park and there was a $35 entry fee. The following day we went to Canyonlands National Park where the entrance fee was also $35. We figured, for $10 more we could get a National Park pass that’s good for an entire year from the date you buy it and the money would be well worth it. To our surprise, this pass also gets you into most State parks and Monuments too. If you know you’re going to be doing a bit of traveling this year, we highly recommend purchasing a pass!

6. Dog Life Vests

We have two Labradors who are obsessed with water and swimming. Now you might be thinking, if they love to swim, why the vests? Well, we like to take them to the river with us often in the summers and they just swim non stop all weekend. Sometimes I worry about them getting caught in a current or becoming overly tired and these vests provide them with a little extra security. Plus, they’re bright, making it easier to watch them. They also insist on being next to us if we’re hanging out in the water and try to cling onto us for support. These vests also give us a little peace from their hectic personalities.

7. Napier Truck Tent

This tent was one of our favorite purchases when we first met. It’s the best camping experience. If you have a truck, get the Napier Truck Tent and a mattress foam topper. Lay the foam topper down in the tent in the bed of your truck and it is a real game changer.

8. Mattress Foam Topper

As I mentioned, Camping. Game. Changer.

9. RTIC Cooler

Another one of our favorite camping/river purchases. The ice lasts so long in this cooler even out in the sun in the middle of summer.

10. GoPro

Self explanatory. The new GoPro MAX is outstanding and captures amazing photos/videos. Perfect for any adventure.

11. Goodr Sunglasses

My cousin actually works for Goodr so we have wayyy too many pairs of these in just about every color. We love them for the river and for adventuring. If you know me, I lose things or break things OFTEN. While I love a good pair of Ray Bans, I have unfortunately dropped my mothers in Lake Havasu and lost mine on a trail. Goodr sunglasses are cheap but good quality and are made for an active lifestyle.

12. Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

This inflatable paddle board was kind of short lived because I got a puppy who one day swam out to me while I was on it and popped it but hey, it did work like a real paddle board for far cheaper and we were able to get quite a few good uses out of it. It folds up into a little backpack and comes with a pump to inflate.

13. Sun Protective Hat

We usually get our athletic hats from Marshalls and I couldn’t find it online so this isn’t exactly the one I have. But, I do love a good sun protective hat for long hikes in the sun and highly recommend purchasing one to protect your face and neck.

14. Hydro Flask

Hydro Flasks are the best water bottles for keeping your water cold on long adventures. We recently got the giant 64oz one and it has been great.

15. Camping Hammock

Another random camping purchase that has been a real game changer! They are great for just lounging around at your camp site and are very sturdy.

16. Waterproof Bag

Great for keeping your phone, cameras, etc. dry on adventures on or around water!

17. Pour Over Coffee Maker

One of my all time favorite purchases. Only $20 and you have such an easy and perfect way of enjoying coffee while camping. I honestly use it at home sometimes too! Just boil water and pour over coffee grounds slowly and BOOM, magic.

18. Hiking Backpack

This is the backpack my family and I currently use and it has been great! Not super pricey and lasts a long time. I like the double strap that you can buckle around your waist and chest and it has the hydration pack built in!

19. Dog Tie Out Cable

This is the greatest camping hack if you have doggos! Find two trees or poles of some sort and tie the cable across the two tightly. Then, you clip on the other rope and attach to your dog and you have a long leash that never gets tangled and the dog has a bit more freedom to roam.

20. Large Duffle Bag

This one sounds random, I know. But, hear me out. In high school I played softball and we were given giant duffle bags to hold our gear in. To this day, I still have it and use it on every flight. I only ever fly carry on. You can bring a duffle bag on the flight with you and I swear it’s bigger and fits more than the suit case you would have had to pay for and check in. You also get a personal item along with your carry on so I usually bring my giant backpack and can fit everything else needed in there. But, keep in mind you do have to lug around a giant, heavy duffle bag in the airport and if you’re rushing for a connecting flight, it’s a good workout.

21. Dog Seat Protector

Great for keeping your car seats clean after taking your dog to the river, beach, etc.

22. Crocs

Jordan prefers his slides but I have been obsessed with my Crocs. They are great to bring along in the car when you’re hiking so you can slip on after you’re done. They’re great for camping and they’re water proof. Highly recommend always having some sort of slip on, waterproof shoe when your out adventuring.

We hope you gained a few new product ideas for adventuring in 2022! What are your favorite travel items?

Travel on my friends!