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Into the thick of it

June 10, 2021

Alright, if you’re on TikTok or have been sucked into watching the trending videos then by now you’ve probably heard of the Backyardigans song, “Into the Thick of It”. And if you haven’t, well I’m so sorry because now you’re probably going to look it up and it WILL without a doubt be stuck in your head. You’re welcome.

June 10-14, my family made a trip out to Seattle, Washington. My brother graduated with his Masters in Public Administration from the University of Washington but due to Covid, the graduation ceremony was going to be virtual. We decided to make a trip to celebrate anyway.

My family all booked rooms in the same hotel; my aunt and uncle in one room, my parents and brother in another, Jordan and I in another and then my nana stayed in the hotel for one night as well. My aunt and uncle rented a van, and all weekend we piled in and explored the area. For those of you who know me well, you know I am sarcastic and annoying and I love to make people laugh. Friday morning we all piled in the van and I got placed in the way back (of course). That morning I had been scrolling through TikTok when the song came on and immediately got stuck in my head. As we’re driving I softly started singing,

Into the thick of it
Into the thick of it
Into the thick of it (ugh)

My mom: “What are you singing”

We’re tramping through the bush
On and on, we push…

My mom: “Stop it.”

Friday we spend the day walking around Lake Union, exploring Gasworks park and shopping through Pike Place. All the while I sparactically sang,

Into the thick of it
Into the thick of it

My mom and brother: “WHAT ARE YOU SINGING”

It’s the Backyardigans, duh.

Saturday we took a Ferry to Vashon Island and explored a bit of West Seattle. For any of my Greys Anatomy fans out there, I’ve always wanted to ride on a Ferry boat because McDreamy loved Ferry boats and I loved McDreamy.

Vashon Island was so so cute. We checked out the lighthouse, skipped rocks on the the beach, wandered through the local shops (where I got a used book from an adorable book store) and enjoyed beers at Camp Colves Brewing Co. And again throughout the day I would occasionally sing,

Into the thick of it
Into the thick of it

Whole Family: “JAYME NO.”

By Saturday I had played the song for my family and caught them a few times starting to sing it themselves.

Sunday was our last full day in Seattle. We checked out Queen Anne and saw the Space Needle and then headed to Snoqualmie Falls. Snoqualmie Falls was gorgeous and so green. After seeing the falls we went to another brewery (we Starks like beer ok) where it started pouring. We were sitting outside under a big umbrella so everyone was able to stay dry….except me who was sitting on the edge…I got soaked. Oops.

My mom softly at the brewery:
Into the thick of it
…Ugh I can’t believe I have this song in my head again Jayme

Our family trip to Seattle was one to remember and there’s still so much I’d like to do and see there. Now every time my family thinks about this trip, we all immediately begin to sing, “Into the thick of it” and laugh.

I love to travel and explore new places but I think what makes new adventures so special are the people you share them with. It’s the new memories you make while soaking in the beautiful views that make a good trip, great.

Into the thick of it.