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An Unforeseen Weekend in Sedona

July 2, 2021

Last May, my family and I took a trip to Sedona, Arizona for the first time. We spent four days exploring and hiking some of the most incredible trails. Driving home I remember telling my mom that we accomplished a ton of hiking in just four days and yet I still felt like we only scratched the surface on all there is to do and see in Sedona.

Fast forward to about a month ago, I decided I wanted to book another trip to Sedona with Jordan and the doggos for the 4th of July and check out a few more of the hikes on our bucket list. We rented an adorable AirBNP for an unusually low price. It was a large, private casita type room, attached to a big house in a neighborhood with immaculate views of the red rocks.

Eclectic West Sedona Studio w/ Red Rock Views

I was so excited for this trip that about two weeks prior, I put together an entire Google doc itinerary of hikes and sites to see so we could make the most out of every minute of our quick weekend there (I blame my mother for my incessant need to plan…oops).

Friday, July 2nd, I got off work around 5PM and then we drove 5 1/2 hours to our AirBNB. When we got there that evening, we settled in and I started reading a pamphlet of things to do and recent news around the area. It was then that I noticed…

To my surprise, I read that all trails in and around Sedona were closed…

After I read that pamphlet, I started to panic and I immediately grabbed my phone to look it up in disbelief. I then noticed it everywhere. The Coconino National forest was closed due to forest fires. No wonder our AirBNB was such a great price. How did I create an entire itinerary of hikes that I researched extensively and not notice? I have no idea.

Welp, our plans went out the window and it was too late too cancel so we decided to just make the best of it. Saturday morning, Jordan slept in and I took the dogs for a walk around the neighborhood to explore the views. Our neighborhood was gorgeous at least.

Saturday was wide open and we had no idea what to do. Our first stop ended up being the Sedona Dog Park. We now like to make jokes every time we travel and go on adventures about how we should look up the nearest dog park in the area because we are big dog park people and like to check out a destination strictly to rate its dog park. Sedona Dog Park was an 8/10 for sure.

After our wild morning at the dog park, we headed to the Sedona Beer Company and ordered a few beers and appetizers outside on the patio. As we were sitting there, a thunderstorm began and our phones received a flash flood warning. What are the odds. Our trips circumstances became something to laugh about at that point. After the brewery, we went back to our Airbnb, took a three hour nap, and then ordered food in so we wouldn’t have to take the dogs out to a restaurant. We were thriving.

That night I begged Jordan to consider the idea of a day trip to the Grand Canyon. Two hours there, two hours back. He finally caved and said if I drove, he was in. The next morning, we loaded up the car and I drove us to the Grand Canyon National Park.

It was such an unexpected and incredible day. I love to plan and I am not a huge fan of spontaneity, but I will say, something I have begun to learn from dating Jordan, is to just go with the flow. I’ve definitely learned how to live more in the moment and enjoy things exactly as they are and how they come. I still love to plan my trips, but I do appreciate the unexpected moments that arise from uncontrollable circumstances. I’ve realized that sometimes it’s the unfortunate changes in plans that end up leading to some of the best memories and inside jokes for years to come.

Oh yea, and one more thing…..the trails opened back up Monday morning, THE DAY AFTER WE GOT BACK HOME. Hahaha lovely. Now on my adventure list is a third trip to Sedona, Arizona.